Mayfield Guesthouse

While my wife and I have been here in Australia, I’ve tried to set aside some time to work on some personal projects that have taken the back burner. One of them was this video portrait I filmed while at a quiet little oasis in the middle of Nairobi Kenya last year, the Mayfield Guesthouse. I travelled there just after getting engaged to the love of my life and missed her greatly on the trip.

Jamaica, North Carolina, Ohio and Guitar Legends

It has been an insanely packed couple of months since my last update here on the site. Here are some highlights both in life and in work.

I GOT MARRIED TO THE LOVE OF MY LIFE!!!! We spent half of our honeymoon in Jamaica and it was absolutely incredible. Here are a few photos of her looking so dang good like she always does without trying.


The second half of our honeymoon was spent cruising through the National Forests of North Carolina camping in our van, Thorondos. It was also amazing. We stayed in Cherokee, Pisgah and then cruised on into Asheville for a night on the town.


A few weeks after we got back from our honeymoon, I was out on assignment with RoadRUNNER Magazine (I don’t know if the videographer gets to say ‘on assignment’ but I’ve always wanted to say that phrase) and Alexis got to join the trip!!! We had a blast cruising around Athens, Ohio and somehow got 4 days of decent weather book-ended by a lot of cold rain.


We got to explore some sweet “haunted” tunnels and caves around Athens.


I had the privilege of filming with guitar legend, Eric Johnson. Eric was so kind and it was an honor filming with Songbirds again. The video is up past 200,000 views already!


Our favorite jewelry artist and good friend Bri Bol came through Chattanooga with her amazing and kind boyfriend, Lamberto. We ended up heading out to Stone Fort to do a little day shoot and enjoy climbing.


A few months ago I shared some photos from my trip to Montana with RoadRUNNER Journalist John Michael Flores, and now I’m excited to get to leave you with the finished video from that trip! Enjoy!

Refugees, Motorcycles and Weddings

It's been a crazy season here lately and so I wanted to share some of the projects I've had the privilege to work on these past few months. 

I spent a few weeks in Africa and got to meet and film with some amazing people in Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia. The stories I captured were for Precept Ministries, and while I cannot share them quite yet, here are some photos from the trip as well as a quote down below from Precept after they saw the first draft of the video. 

This. Is. Awesome! Brought a tear to my eyes. You are truly incredibly gifted. The entire video – lighting, music... really inspirational and informative. THANK YOU!!!
— Precept Ministries

The next thing is a bit rare for me! While I used to film loads of weddings, I haven't filmed many since my move to Chattanooga. I was referred, in this case, by the ever-so-talented Wonderly Creative and had a blast capturing the Cassell's special day! 

I've also been going on more trips with RoadRUNNER Touring Magazine with Luke and we've been having such a great time putting together content for them. Here is one of the latest videos I put together from our trip through the Natchez Trace!

Also, on a personal note, I'm getting married to the love of my life and I could not be more stoked about it. 

Speaking of  Wonderly Creative ... she took this photo of me and my love

Speaking of Wonderly Creative... she took this photo of me and my love


I had the amazing opportunity to visit the Sydney area a couple months ago and had an absolutely incredible time. My buddy, Alex Nichols, is living there and so I went and spent some time catching up and filming a few little projects. One of which was for the Southern Baptist of Texas Convention and the other just a little personal project for HDDN

Here are some photos from the trip as well as one of the videos!


Bouncing Around California

I've been working on some really exciting projects lately so I wanted to share them here! I wrapped up a teaser video for an upcoming issue of RoadRUNNER Touring Magazine. Luke and I took a trip around Tennessee and Georgia and it was fantastic! Check that out below!

After Thanksgiving, I took a trip with my lady out to California to visit my buddy Micah and do a bit of surfing! Here are a few photos from that leg of the trip, because why not?, plus my girlfriend is too dang pretty. 

Zero Editing. Imperial Beach Sunsets are unreal.  

Zero Editing. Imperial Beach Sunsets are unreal.  

We also crashed a friend's private work party on the dang USS Midway overlooking downtown San Diego!

We also crashed a friend's private work party on the dang USS Midway overlooking downtown San Diego!


After San Diego I decided to take the train up to LA to visit my buddy George and finish filming for a project with the amazing Chattanooga band, As Isaac


The details of this project worked out so beautifully and everyone involved absolutely killed it! They even got to record with Eric Owyoung! Here is the finished product!

Harvey Aftermath and Motorcycles

Since my last update here, I've been really busy bouncing back and forth between Texas, Georgia and all over Tennessee. I had the privilege of working once again with some of my favorite people over at the Southern Baptist of Texas Convention, filming various projects with different churches as well as documenting what God has been up to in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. 


I've also begun working with RoadRUNNER Motorcycle Touring filming videos to promote upcoming issues. That basically entails going on motorcycle trips with their awesome photojournalist and filming the beauty we come across as well as document a bit of what we get into on the trip. 

I can't share too much about these trips on here as the photos and info need to be saved for the upcoming issue releases, but here are a few photos to give a glimpse of what those trips entail. 


Fly Fishing In Montana

This past week I had the privilege of working with Blue Ridge Fly Fishing on a guided trip through the rivers around Twin Bridges, Montana. I will be producing a handful of projects for them this year and this was an amazing way to kick them off. 

I was there to capture video which will be released throughout the year, but here are a few stills I snapped along the way.