Back to Southeast Asia

I am SO excited to say that I will be returning to Southeast Asia in June. I will be going as photographer and videographer for the organization I'll be traveling with, in addition to serving and sharing with the youth and children there at a VBS. The organization will be covering my flights but that still leaves $1,000 up to me to raise.

I have always felt weird asking for money, especially when the Lord has given me the ability to work for that money. So here is what I'm going to do. At this point, I plan on just saving for remaining thousand dollars to go on the trip. However, IF you feel strongly led by the Lord to give to help me go, pray again. If God makes it very clear that this is how He wants you to give, here are some instructions from the organization. 

People can give online. Go Here and click on “please donate now” on the upper right side of the screen. Select “Short-Term Trip Support” from the list and put "Cameron Muilenburg" in the “special request" box at the bottom.

If you feel led to pray for me, please pray. MANY of you have informed me this week that you've been praying for me throughout my journey. THANK YOU. SO. MUCH. 

One of the things I'm most excited about is doing ministry with these two dudes again. 

I still can't share any details about their story, but they are two incredible dudes. Can't wait to serve with them again.

So Much of the Things

Devdog, Miles and George with Thorondor


This is how things have been lately.

  • Deven's 10 day stay here in California was absolutely wonderful. We got a ton done and I'm working on editing that video now. 
  • I did my taxes. 
  • I did my first yoga session. George and I walked there, found a wild orange that fell from a tree on the way there and split it. It was delightful! We also both own yoga mats now thanks to our buddy Miles who has a bulk stash of everything in the world. 
  • I finished a couple more videos of my trip to India which are unfortunately private due to sensitive details in them. I'll see if I can share the story of Moni and Moti soon, which I have had a few questions about. 
  • I'm working on the finishing touches to Nick and Evan Coxwell's wedding video. 
  • I'm planning a trip trip to El Paso, Dallas, Missouri, Dallas and Houston next week. 
  • I'm planning another trip to India. Eeeeeh!!!

Almost everything is stellar, however, I am in desperate need for discipleship in my life. This week I am beginning a Bible study via workbook/skype with my good friend Joey back in Texas. That will be excellent. In addition, if you think to pray for me or check up on me spiritually, please feel free. I have not been spending time with the Lord lately and I hunger for it. 

I was thinking to myself last week while driving, "Why do none of my friends help keep me accountable spiritually? Why do they not check to see what I'm struggling with? Why do they not challenge me?"

That moment, I realized that God had made provision in my life. The very things I was wishing I had friends to call me out on, the Holy Spirit was calling me out on. Though I was confused and bitter as to why my friends were "slacking," God was showing me that He had been challenging me the entire time, I just hadn't been paying attention, nay, I'd straight up been ignoring Him. 

With all of this said, if you feel led to check up on me or send me scripture, please feel free. In the words of Dylan, "Don't think twice, it's alright." 

Also, if you are a believer, and you're reading this, and you've been putting off checking in with a friend who you feel led to keep accountable, do it, now, in love. 

There's a Mutiny

I am back in Los Angeles!!! I have been reunited with Thorondor. Over the past ten days, I had the incredible privilege of filming a BMX video with my good buddy, Deven Ferrer. He is sponsored by a BMX bike company called Mutiny Bikes, and they flew him out to film with me. 

My relationship with Mutiny has been SUCH a blessing. I am so thankful that they trusted me with this project and I cannot wait to share the final video. 

Here are a few photos of us filming BMX around California. 

Deven's lady flew in to see Deven the last day of the trip. 


It's been quite a sweet few weeks. I lined up some work in Texas over a 3 week period, with a few days gap in between each job, so I decided to fly back from California for this 3 weeks, do the jobs, and do a little Tour de Texas visiting friends and doing some top secret projects along the way. 

I still own a car in Texas. I had tried to sell it, but while I've been traveling, it's just been hanging out in Dallas collecting dust. I re-insured that puppy and I've been driving around in it while I've been back in the Lone Star State! Side note: It gets much better gas-mileage than Thorondor does haha. 


I did a job in Lubbock, where I got to see my buds Logan and Dan. That was most excellent. 

I did a job in Houston, where I got to see my friends Josh and Rachel Haynes, who are some pretty awesome people. They are both amazing climbers, and have each spent a season of their lives living out of vehicles. Josh was definitely an inspiration for me as I was contemplating living out of a van. Years ago, he had bought an ambulance and converted it to a camper. Rachel had a big black van named Blackbird. They met on the road, fell in love and got married. They've lived all over the country. I met them in Dallas a few years ago. The moved to Tulsa and are now working at a climbing gym in Houston, Texas. I was so excited to reconnect with them. They even got me another job lined up filming a promo for the gym they work at! I go back to Houston in a few days to get that knocked out. 

I'm currently in San Antonio visiting some friends. From here I'm heading to Rockport, then back to Houston, then to Dallas for a few days before flying back to California. 

Holy Videos, Batman!

Some of you may be thinking to yourselves, "Self, I thought one of Cameron's purposes on this journey was actually to make videos along the way! So where are all these video!?"

Well I have an answer for you! I HAVE been making videos, some as freelance gigs, some as ministry opportunities, some for friends and some just for fun. I'm going to use this post to share some of these videos with you! Now you can say to yourself, "Self! Finally he's going to show us!"

EDITOR'S NOTE: After posting all of these video, my mind is blown on how busy I've been since starting my trip about 3 months ago. I've been to Salt Lake City, Reno, San Francisco, LA, India, Indiana, all over Texas and plenty in between! My original plan was to make this journey last 3 months, and now that I'm here, I have no intention of stopping anytime soon. God has provided, I've had a blast and I can't wait to see what's next. 

Here is a video I did for a company called UrbanAg Products. I got to go to Purdue University in Indiana last month and hang out with some REALLY smart people who are doing some really cool experiments with greenhouse lighting. I learned a lot and had a great time. 

I also had the opportunity of hanging out with Josh Jost, who rides for my clothing company, Hidden Clothing, and shoot a video explaining what his SkateChurchSLC ministry is all about. It was such a treat being out there in Salt Lake City and I cannot wait to go back. 

While I was in India, this is a little web update I put together to show the church back in the states so that they knew how to pray for us. What an incredible experience. I plan on putting together a full documentary video for FirstEuless, but that will not be able to be shared online. Watch this to see what I got to experience in India and what all God is up to there. 

This is a trip that I took with the Hidden team a while back, but I just now got around to putting the trip video together. It was such a good time and I even have some riding clips in there!!!

The first stop of my trip was in Rockport, Texas where I got to spend some time with my parents and the wonderful people at Coastal Oaks Church. I was able to make this informational video about the church with a few of the amazing members there. Also, that's my dad in the video. He freakin' rules. 

I had the AMAZING opportunity of filming two videos last year with one of my heroes, Morgan Wade for EmpireBMX. We had an absolute blast and I can't wait to film more with Morgan. He kills it, so even if you don't care about BMX, watch this video. He's awesome. 

Also, I made the intro titles, I've been having lots of fun playing in Motion lately. 

Nick, whom I had never even met before, rolled into DFW for a few days and wanted to film. I had a few days off of work, and although I had Pneumonia, that didn't stop us from putting together an insanely solid vide for the amount of time he had in Texas. Great job, Nick! This one was another huge honor, as it was a video for RideBMX, a BMX publication I've loved since I was about 14 years old. 

Bouncin' Around

I've been back from India for about two weeks now and life has been great. I've seen family and friends, done a couple of video jobs for the SBTC, had a reunion SkateChurch Bible Study and done a ton of editing. 

This morning I actually flew to Indiana, where I began shooting for a short video for HortAmericas at Purdue University. This is my first time in Indiana and I must admit, it's quite beautiful in the winter time. I missed the blizzard-like weather by a day. I'm really excited about the project I'm doing for them. I'll finish up tomorrow and fly back to DFW tomorrow evening. I leave the very next morning to shoot a wonderful wedding in Austin, then head right back up to Dallas for a video shoot for ZsanaeNicole

The fact that all these people want to work with me is SUCH an honor and privilege and I'm so grateful. The fact that all of these jobs lined up is TOTALLY God's hand at work. 


Back in the US of A!

There is too much to write about. I wish that I could share so many details on here but I have to be a bit vague. I met some of the sweetest people I've ever met. I saw some of the purest hearts I've ever seen. I saw poverty, need, and life in the slums as well as leper colonies. The group I went with already had a relationship with the people there, and made huge strides in building relationships with a tribe of people that desperately need hope and help. 

I went on this trip as the videographer and was able to document so much, but along the way I built some relationships that will last a lifetime. 

The first night was spent in a teeny tiny hotel room. 

The first night was spent in a teeny tiny hotel room. 

We were greeted with garlands and flowers. 

We were greeted with garlands and flowers. 

Talking with a representative of a tribe of people in great need. Learning about ways to offer hope and help. 

Talking with a representative of a tribe of people in great need. Learning about ways to offer hope and help. 

First village visit. 

First village visit. 

These guys could weave some serious baskets. 

These guys could weave some serious baskets. 

PJ was so stoked to hang on to this ram. 

PJ was so stoked to hang on to this ram. 



One of the biggest problems in the villages is lack of proper drainage. These cesspools form and serve as a breeding ground for malaria-carrying mosquitos. 

One of the biggest problems in the villages is lack of proper drainage. These cesspools form and serve as a breeding ground for malaria-carrying mosquitos. 

This village was at the foot of some beautiful peaks. 

This village was at the foot of some beautiful peaks. 

The Crew! Love these people. 

The Crew! Love these people. 

Rice Farm. 

Rice Farm. 

Jenna hangin' with some kiddos. 

Jenna hangin' with some kiddos. 

This leper colony was quite possibly the most peaceful place I've ever been to in my life, and at the foot of this beautiful mountain. 

This leper colony was quite possibly the most peaceful place I've ever been to in my life, and at the foot of this beautiful mountain. 

Awesome statue with an awesome view. 

Awesome statue with an awesome view. 

This particular man, though blind, remembered John by his voice from a previous visit. So cool!

This particular man, though blind, remembered John by his voice from a previous visit. So cool!

Visiting the kids in the slums was one of my favorite stops. Some of the sweetest children ever. 

Visiting the kids in the slums was one of my favorite stops. Some of the sweetest children ever. 

Krupa Home for the Aged offers community and provision to about 32 women who have been abandoned or disowned by their families.

Krupa Home for the Aged offers community and provision to about 32 women who have been abandoned or disowned by their families.

A big ol' well. 

A big ol' well. 


All in all, it was an incredible experience and I cannot wait to go back. 

Across the Globe

So I haven't said anything about it up until this point because it wasn't set in stone yet, but in two days, I'll be leaving Thorondor here in Los Angeles as I head for India. I was asked by my old church, First Euless, if I could join them there for a ten day mission trip. 

I am SO beyond excited about this opportunity. I'm excited to serve on my first foreign mission trip. I'm excited to see my old friends that I grew close to during my time at First Euless, and I'm excited to film in a culture I've never been to before. 

I've felt for years now, and been convicted to spend time in an area much less fortunate than the U. S. of A. I feel like God has been waiting to show me some things there that He has been anxious for me to see and learn. I know that my perspective will be changed on those in need as well as plenty of other areas of life. 

God is so good and totally provided for this opportunity. Please pray for me as I go, for my heart to be that of an absolute servant and for the health of all going on the trip. 

It's going to be hard to leave Los Angeles for a while and especially hard leaving my new home, Thorondor. 


Bringing in the New Year

I had the privilege of going to Dallas for Christmas to visit my family and I had an absolute blast. My sister Karissa and cousin Zsanae, both of whom I lived with for the past three years, flew back with me to spend a week in Los Angeles to celebrate New Years with me. 

We had SO much fun. We got to visit our friends Chris and Abby, spend lots of time with my buds George and Miles and even headed to Santa Barbara to visit Zsanae's family Michael and Jillian. I don't think I've ever had a more active vacation week. We went hiking in Griffith park, did a 25 mile bike ride along the beach, went to all the local eateries surrounding George's apartment and did plenty of adventuring around in Thorondor. 

It was so sweet to have my family here to experience LA with me for my first week here. Zsanae and Karissa flew back yesterday and I'm already missing them! Here are some photos from the past week of experiencing LA. 

My Day. Part 1. Part 2.

As I sat and reviewed the yesterday's events in my head, I couldn't help but laugh. My morning and evening were SO different, so I've decided to write this blog post in two parts. 

Part 1. Morning. 

I woke up at 4:30AM as a security guard tacked something to my windshield wiper. I tried to fall back asleep but my attempts were in vain. I couldn't get the thought of getting a ticket for sleeping in a noisy parking lot out of my head. Around 6AM I got out and retrieved the slip of paper. To my surprise it was nothing but a warning for overnight parking. I was relieved and decided to continue my journey south along the coast. 

I thought the day before had been beautiful. It was. It was spectacular, but I was not prepared beauty off the drive to come. It was constant breathtaking views. I couldn't help but pull over every half-mile and just and stare. 

The craziest part of the drive though, was the I had looked up the time to see the sunrise the night before, and made sure I was on the coast at that time. Well, I never could have imagined how lucky I got. As I drove along the coast, the mountains and hills to my east began to rise. I sat and watched the sunrise peak through above the mountains and then began driving again. Because the mountains kept getting higher, they would hide the sun again, and then I'd see the sunrise again!!! I saw 6 sunrises in one day!!! There is NO way I could have planned that. I still can't even believe it. 

I eventually got to Big Sur State Park. I had done some research beforehand and found the trails I wanted to hike. I went into the lodge, bought a latte to wake me up and enjoy in the forest, paid for parking, and then realized.... I was at the wrong Big Sur. Apparently there are multiple State Parks along Big Sur and I went to the wrong one. I made the most of it, hiked around for a bit and then decided to go to Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, as opposed to Pfeiffer State Park.... Yeah you can see how I went to the wrong one first.

I hiked down to the waterfall overlook and it was one of the prettiest things I've seen in my life. It reminded me SO much of Stingray Bay in New Zealand with Charles, except they don't let you swim in this one haha.  I sat down, read some 1 Samuel and went back to the parking lot to begin my second hike.

I thought this would be about a mile hike... 2 and a half hours later, and way up in the clouds, I was very confused. The trail continued to veer off AWAY from the park I had parked in. I finally came to a sign "Loop closed due to construction. Turn Back or continue to other park." I could not believe it. I was not hiking back the same way I came. It was the longest route possible and a ton of fog had rolled in so I couldn't even see the ocean anyways. I charged it through the barrier. I went on the forbidden trail. I eventually came to some National Forest workers building a bridge. They were totally cool and just let me cross. I was back to the car in a jiffy. 

"I think I hiked to high..."

Part 2. The Evening. 

.... After typing this all out, I decided to erase it. There is just no way of sharing the details of the second half of my day without sounding like a total jerk, so I'll just say this. All I wanted to do was sleep, and my bedding was all soaked in a terrible stench (due to the untold events). I went to the laundromat, washed all of my bedding and some clothes, found a nice parking spot by the beach and slept. 

PCH, or CSR1, or Something...

While planning my trip from Reno to Los Angeles, there were a few factors that helped me determine the specifics of my route and timing. 

  • I knew that I wanted to be able to take my time. No rush. 
  • My buddy George and a few other friends recommended taking "California State Route 1" or "PCH" a road that follows the beautiful California coast.
  • I wanted to visit a few state and national parks like Big Sur

After getting some advice from friends who have lived in California, I got my route pretty dialed and this morning began that journey. I left my good friends Westie, Amanda and their two kiddos around 9am and headed over through the Donner Pass area, through Sacramento and into San Francisco. San Fran is one of my favorite cities. I've visited there more than any other city outside of Texas and it's beauty and attractions like the Golden Gate Bridge keep me ever excited to visit again. 

After saying hello to the north and south side scenic lookouts of the bridge, I made my way to the PCH and headed south toward Santa Cruz. The views were absolutely spectacular. It was one of those drives where I wanted to pull over at every corner and every lookout to snap a picture, but I decided to just take it in. I figured I'll have plenty of opportunities to take photos and video of the coast. Today was just for taking it all in (Though I did pull over a few times for coffee, photos and driving breaks). 

I pulled into Santa Cruz right at sunset, just as planned, where I'll be sleeping tonight. I'll head the rest of the way to LA tomorrow, I believe, and hopefully check out Big Sur for the first time. 

Seeing the sights I saw today was a big moment for me. I've been planning and dreaming for months and months on making it to the Pacific Coast, where I hope to learn to surf, serve with different churches and believers, live out of Thorondor and just experience California. Actually seeing the Golden Gate Bridge and watching the sunset along the PCH just felt like a gift from God. I can't wait to see what churches, friendships and good times lie ahead here in California. 

Golden Gate Bridge. 

Golden Gate Bridge. 


First stop in California. A place called Here Comes The Sun Coffee. Beach Boys playin'. 

Thorondor in what I've dreamed to be his natural habitat. 

Winter Tahoe

I have been talking with the Magnusons about my plans to come and visit them in Reno for almost a year now. It has gone from planning to reality, and even since the beginning, one of the main things that the Mags wanted to show me was Lake Tahoe. 

We got up early yesterday morning and headed down to Tahoe where we drove around the entire lake. I knew that it would be beautiful but I was seriously blown away. If you are ever in the area, be sure and stop at the scenic lookout at Emerald Bay. Such a breathtaking view. 

My time with the Magnusons has been SO wonderful. They've shared their home, their meals, their friends, family and life with me while I've been here and it has been a blast. The one thing that I didn't get to do was make a short film with Westie. We've been wanting to work on a project together for years, and with the birth of their new son, a film shoot was just too much for this trip. I'm hoping that we can still make it happen on another visit. I definitely hope to travel back through Reno and SLC on the way back East... whenever that may be. 

Enjoy the photos from yesterday's adventure. 

Westie and Jones on the icy beach. 

Emerald Bay. Unbelievable. 

The Magnusons. 

Westie and his firstborn. 


Today I went on a beautiful hike with Dean, Westie's dad. He took me 5 miles into the canyon to see some Native American petroglyphs from thousands of years ago. So cool. It was apparently an area with more petroglyphs than anywhere else in the world. We turned a corner in the canyon and suddenly there were thousands of them! That was so cool to see and it was actually quite an exhausting hike. It was 10 miles round trip, but with a hike that rose and dropped 600 ft in elevation and was covered in snow and ice, it felt like MUCH further than that. 

It was such a good time of taking in a ton of God's beauty and great conversation with Dean. 

Death Cairn. 

This is one view of the thousands of petroglyphs. Click the image to see a larger view. 

Built my first cairn with Dean at the top. 

Life-Changing Events

EDITOR'S NOTE: This is a buildup of a few different days posts. 

I'm still alive. I'm still in Reno. I'm still freezing my ballz off (though it is finally getting above 20º during the day).

I've spent the last few days in anticipation of my friends here in Reno having their new baby girl, Adelaide. Much to our surprise, yesterday they had their new baby...  BOY!!! That's right! They thought they were having a little girl and out came a boy. So crazy, and so awesome. Their little boy now has a baby brother. 

Although it has been really cold here (and I've head it's been just as cold in my home state of Texas), the Magnusons have been keeping me safe and warm in their home. 

Thorondor Update

Thorondor has been fighting the weather well, but the cold may have finally gotten the best of him. My battery died the other day, and a few other weird power issues are pointing fingers at a bad alternator. My next project will be replacing that bad boy. I've never replaced an alternator before but I'm pretty excited to give it a shot!

Westie and I were at the grocery store when my battery died. Our plan was to run some errands, including dropping off a broken dryer at the dump which we had loaded into the van. We tried to jump it with my external battery jumper thingy, and that failed. We walked back to the house in the cold with the groceries for lunch. One of the bags ripped, breaking a jar of jam we had purchased, and somewhere along the way we lost a can of tomato soup. It ended up being quite comical with the amount of things that kept going wrong. We eventually drove the car back to Thorondor to give him a proper jump.

Because we were afraid of getting the van started back up again, we ran the rest of the errands by leaving the van running constantly. We would just lock it up as we went into stores, went to the dump, shipped packages and finally drove it back to the house. Ridiculous. Fortunately the next day we got it charged up and got my alternator tested. 

Further Thorondor Update

Today I replaced the alternator!!! So far so good. I also found hose that has a bad clamp and is leaking coolant now, but I'll be fixing that tomorrow. I am SO excited that I successfully replaced the alternator. I was so nervous about doing it and had my dad praying for me all day back in Texas haha. I also had a lot of moral support from Dean here in Reno, making sure I didn't screw anything up and running back and forth to the auto parts store with me. Such a great day. 

Enjoying a read in the van. Finally getting above 30º for a small chunk of the day. 

Putting in the new alternator. 

Train to Truckee

The storm was comin'. Although the Reno-ites have constantly told me, "The weather is never like this! It's never this cold!", I find it hard to believe them. The weather has just gone from cold to colder since I've been in town, from the teens to 3 below zero last night. Fortunately the Magnuson's have been putting me up in their home, so I'm not freezing to death at night. 

The Magnusons saw that a ton more snow was coming a few nights ago and planned a train ride to Truckee, California the next day to take in the snowy mountain beauty. Though there were MANY train delays, we all had a blast. My friend Westie's parents, Dean and Johnna, Amanda, Jones and myself all took the train, walked around Truckee grabbing coffee and eating pie. Quite a nice day. Here is a gallery with some photos from the day. 

Click an Image to Enlarge. 


A few days ago I made the 8 hour drive from Salt Lake City, Utah and into Reno, Nevada, where my friends Westie and Amanda Magnuson live with their son Jones. My plan is to stay here until the end of December. 

The drive was quite nice in daylight, but after it got dark, I vowed not to do another leg of the trip at night. I just feel like there is so much I'm missing out on at night! I can see shadows of mountains in the distance but no detail. So no more night time driving for me! 

Flag Flying over the Great Salt Lake. 

Pulled over to wrap myself in a blanket and couldn't resist a Thorondor selfie. 

Salt Flats. 

Westie and Amanda are having a baby next week, so Westie and I dove into adventure as quickly as possible once I pulled into town. Friday morning we woke up in the darkness of 5AM and made our way out to Mount Rose near Lake Tahoe to do some hiking and back-country snowboarding! I have VERY little snowboarding experience and so it was a blast going into something as a total noob, falling all over the place and just havin' a good ol' time with my best bud!

5AM fillin' up the rig. 

iPhone 5 photo after the hike up. 

Westie enjoying the coffee we made from melted snow. 

ZERO EDITING! This is how Mount Rose looked at sunrise. So crazy. 

One frame from the unsuccessful time-lapse attempt at sunrise. 

Me cruisin' past Westie just before nailing a tree. Probably my best run. :)

It's been an excellent start to my stay here in Reno so I'm so stoked for the next month!

SkateChurch SLC

"I need supervision, Cameron!"
A text I did not expect to receive, lying in bed at 8am this morning. Though unexpected, it made me laugh. As I began to sit up and get some clothes on, I'm smell one of my favorite aromas, coffee being brewed. 

The text was from Josh, referring to weeding die cut decals we had agreed to wake up and make this morning. We worked on them for a few hours last night and decided to knock out a few more sheets today. I made my way upstairs, grabbed some coffee and got to work making more stickers for Hidden and SkateChurch SLC. We had a blast working on those for a few hours.

Josh was supposed to have meetings all day but they were cancelled due to the snow storm that rolled in. It ended up snowing all day long. Josh and I took the opportunity to shoot a bike check out in the freezing snow, and then began to get ready for SkateChurch. 

As the day went on, Josh began to get text after text from kids informing him that they wouldn't be able to make it out to SkateChurch because of the road conditions. After many of these text, Josh began to consider canceling SkateChurch for the night. This was a tough decision. Not only does Josh NEVER cancel anything, but I had also planned my entire trip around being in SLC for SkateChurch, which is only once a month. Fortunately, after some prayer and a good hot meal, Josh made the decision to charge on! We would still have SkateChurch! This was a very good decision because on our way to the park, 90% of the kids who couldn't come sent Josh texts informing him that they could now make it! 

The group that braved the icy roads to make it to SkateChurchSLC. 

What a great night we had. Josh introduced me and even let me speak for a bit about my past, Hidden, and the SkateChurch ministry I had in DFW. It was so bittersweet being there. Numerous times I found myself fighting back tears because of how much I miss the ministry I was a part of, the friendships I built and the life-change I got to see happen over those years. I miss those kids all the time, but being IN a SkateChurch again, just brought it all back. I am SO blessed to have been a part of that ministry and I will never forget it. Dillon, Daniel, Kordel, Joey, D'andre, Nathan, Sizia, Simmie, Abdiel, Justin, and so many more, I know y'all probably don't read this, but if you do, I miss the crap out of being a part of y'alls lives every week. Chase after Jesus. 

I got to meet all the kids at SkateChurchSLC, ride with them, interview a couple of them and film all evening for a video I'm making to help spread the word about the ministry and what God is doing there. I can't wait to finish that up and share it. I'm actually filming Josh's interview for that tomorrow morning, and then leaving SLC for Reno. I can't believe my time here is already over. I have seriously fallen in love with Salt Lake City. The Josts have been SO wonderful to me and I will miss them dearly. 

Holy Colorado!

I spent the last two days in Copper Mountain Colorado filming at Woodward Copper for a "Remix" even they had to promote their new park remodel. I had an absolute blast hanging out with Morgan Wade, Gary Young, Zack Warden, Adam Baker and meeting countless other new friends. 

It was SUCH an honor for me to get to cover an event for RIDE like this, and at the moment, the video I filmed and edited is on the front page of their site, so be sure and check that out! In addition to meeting a bunch of new rad people, hanging out with some of my heroes and riding an amazing park, I got to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL Colorado landscape and resort area. I put in a lot of hours filming and editing during the weekend, but I really had such a great time and enjoyed Colorado enough to already be trying to figure up an excuse to make it out there again!

I cannot wait to go back and visit the mountains in Colorado. 

Filiming Gary Young do a killer Lookback. 

Tonight I actually got to hang with the Josts along with one of the pastors of their church and his wife. We had a wonderful evening discussing family, community, BMX and movies. Josh and I then preceded to make a ton of stickers for SkateChurchSLC and Hidden. 

Depending on a snow storm that is headed this way, tomorrow may be my last day in SLC. This is super bittersweet, as I'm leaving a place I've grown to love, but I'm heading to see the dang ol' Magnusons!!!

Copper Mountain

7:30 - Finished packing up my camera gear and bike.

8:30 - Josh gave me a ride to the airport. 

NOON - Arrived in Denver, Colorado. 

13:30 - Caught the shuttle bus and headed toward Copper Mountain Resort. 

15:30 - Arrived at Woodward/Copper Mountain Resort. Got checked into my room, built bike up, got camera gear ready to go. 

17:30 - Grabbed a coffee and took a walk around the beautiful resort at night. (I cannot wait to see it during the day tomorrow)

18:30 - Met up with Gary Young, Zack Warden and Morgan Wade. 

20:00 - Headed to the Red Bull VIP dinner at the Woodward Barn and got some filming done. Preceded to ride and film until midnight. 

00:00 - Imported footage and took a hot bath. (something about hotels always makes me want to take a super relaxing bath)

At work. Filming one of my heroes. 

This was seriously such an amazing day. There are certain times in our lives where we don't want a moment to end. Today there were so many of those. Specifically while I was walking around the resort at night, before I had met up with the other guys. I was just taking in all the lights, the families, the smell and taste of the coffee in my hand, and I just didn't want the moment to end. It also made me miss SO many of my friends. I would have loved to have my father on that walk with me, or my buddy Dan Miller. It was difficult to take in such a peaceful moment with the dark shadows of the mountains in the background, and not have anyone to share it with. I'm already trying to figure up an excuse to come back here. 

Tomorrow and the next day I will continue filming and taking photos in the Woodward Barn, and hopefully have a chance to do a bit more exploring around Copper Mountain. The mountain lodge/ski culture has always fascinated me, just as surf culture has. I hope to someday be able to stand up on both a snowboard and a surfboard haha. 

God, remind me of days like today, where I feel showered with blessings and provision, on the days when I feel abandoned and without hope. 

Giving Thanks

Today was Thanksgiving. This was my first Thanksgiving away from my parents in my life. I'm 26 years old and have had the tremendous blessing of a united family my entire life that has always made an effort to be together during the holidays. 

As I began my journey, this was a difficult decision. I knew that leaving just two weeks before Thanksgiving meant that it wouldn't make sense for me to go back to Dallas for a weekend. 

Today was much harder than I had anticipated, though. I missed my family dearly. 

FaceTiming with the family today. So great. 

Fortunately, the Jost family has welcomed me in with open arms. They have gone above and beyond at making me feel at home, welcome and a part of the family. I am truly blessed. I got to partake in a wonderful Thanksgiving feast today with their family and friends. Josh and Rachel have seriously blown me away with their kindness and making me feel welcome in their home. They've even reserved a room for me in the basement, where I sit typing now. 

Thanksgiving Feast with the Josts and friends. 

The Ministry

Interviewing James, one of the skaters that comes to SkateChurch SLC. 

Setting up to interview Rob, one of the leaders at SkateChurch SLC. 

Over the past few days, I've also been filming some interviews for a video I'm making for the SkateChurch ministry here in Salt Lake that Josh started. The interviews have been going extremely well and I'm going to finish up by filming a ton at SkateChurch on the 3rd of December. 

The Weekend

Tomorrow morning, I have a super exciting opportunity. I am getting flown out to Woodward at Copper, Colorado to cover a re-grand opening of one of their parks there for RIDE BMX Magazine. I am so unbelievably excited about this. This is a HUGE answer to prayer. I've been praying for freelance work and the fact that it's for RIDE is just such a huge bonus. Thanks to everyone praying for provision for me back home. 

I fly back from Denver to SLC on Sunday, film SkateChurch on Tuesday, and then I'm off to Reno to see my wonderful friends, the Magnusons!!! Please pray for freelance and ministry opportunities while I'm in Reno. Also pray for some good downtime. I feel like I haven't really had a day of rest since the trip began, which is pretty weird, especially considering I don't even really have a job...