Today I went on a beautiful hike with Dean, Westie's dad. He took me 5 miles into the canyon to see some Native American petroglyphs from thousands of years ago. So cool. It was apparently an area with more petroglyphs than anywhere else in the world. We turned a corner in the canyon and suddenly there were thousands of them! That was so cool to see and it was actually quite an exhausting hike. It was 10 miles round trip, but with a hike that rose and dropped 600 ft in elevation and was covered in snow and ice, it felt like MUCH further than that. 

It was such a good time of taking in a ton of God's beauty and great conversation with Dean. 

Death Cairn. 

This is one view of the thousands of petroglyphs. Click the image to see a larger view. 

Built my first cairn with Dean at the top.