Bouncin' Around

I've been back from India for about two weeks now and life has been great. I've seen family and friends, done a couple of video jobs for the SBTC, had a reunion SkateChurch Bible Study and done a ton of editing. 

This morning I actually flew to Indiana, where I began shooting for a short video for HortAmericas at Purdue University. This is my first time in Indiana and I must admit, it's quite beautiful in the winter time. I missed the blizzard-like weather by a day. I'm really excited about the project I'm doing for them. I'll finish up tomorrow and fly back to DFW tomorrow evening. I leave the very next morning to shoot a wonderful wedding in Austin, then head right back up to Dallas for a video shoot for ZsanaeNicole

The fact that all these people want to work with me is SUCH an honor and privilege and I'm so grateful. The fact that all of these jobs lined up is TOTALLY God's hand at work.