It's been quite a sweet few weeks. I lined up some work in Texas over a 3 week period, with a few days gap in between each job, so I decided to fly back from California for this 3 weeks, do the jobs, and do a little Tour de Texas visiting friends and doing some top secret projects along the way. 

I still own a car in Texas. I had tried to sell it, but while I've been traveling, it's just been hanging out in Dallas collecting dust. I re-insured that puppy and I've been driving around in it while I've been back in the Lone Star State! Side note: It gets much better gas-mileage than Thorondor does haha. 


I did a job in Lubbock, where I got to see my buds Logan and Dan. That was most excellent. 

I did a job in Houston, where I got to see my friends Josh and Rachel Haynes, who are some pretty awesome people. They are both amazing climbers, and have each spent a season of their lives living out of vehicles. Josh was definitely an inspiration for me as I was contemplating living out of a van. Years ago, he had bought an ambulance and converted it to a camper. Rachel had a big black van named Blackbird. They met on the road, fell in love and got married. They've lived all over the country. I met them in Dallas a few years ago. The moved to Tulsa and are now working at a climbing gym in Houston, Texas. I was so excited to reconnect with them. They even got me another job lined up filming a promo for the gym they work at! I go back to Houston in a few days to get that knocked out. 

I'm currently in San Antonio visiting some friends. From here I'm heading to Rockport, then back to Houston, then to Dallas for a few days before flying back to California.