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So Much of the Things

Devdog, Miles and George with Thorondor


This is how things have been lately.

  • Deven's 10 day stay here in California was absolutely wonderful. We got a ton done and I'm working on editing that video now. 
  • I did my taxes. 
  • I did my first yoga session. George and I walked there, found a wild orange that fell from a tree on the way there and split it. It was delightful! We also both own yoga mats now thanks to our buddy Miles who has a bulk stash of everything in the world. 
  • I finished a couple more videos of my trip to India which are unfortunately private due to sensitive details in them. I'll see if I can share the story of Moni and Moti soon, which I have had a few questions about. 
  • I'm working on the finishing touches to Nick and Evan Coxwell's wedding video. 
  • I'm planning a trip trip to El Paso, Dallas, Missouri, Dallas and Houston next week. 
  • I'm planning another trip to India. Eeeeeh!!!

Almost everything is stellar, however, I am in desperate need for discipleship in my life. This week I am beginning a Bible study via workbook/skype with my good friend Joey back in Texas. That will be excellent. In addition, if you think to pray for me or check up on me spiritually, please feel free. I have not been spending time with the Lord lately and I hunger for it. 

I was thinking to myself last week while driving, "Why do none of my friends help keep me accountable spiritually? Why do they not check to see what I'm struggling with? Why do they not challenge me?"

That moment, I realized that God had made provision in my life. The very things I was wishing I had friends to call me out on, the Holy Spirit was calling me out on. Though I was confused and bitter as to why my friends were "slacking," God was showing me that He had been challenging me the entire time, I just hadn't been paying attention, nay, I'd straight up been ignoring Him. 

With all of this said, if you feel led to check up on me or send me scripture, please feel free. In the words of Dylan, "Don't think twice, it's alright." 

Also, if you are a believer, and you're reading this, and you've been putting off checking in with a friend who you feel led to keep accountable, do it, now, in love.