Hiking with Westie

While I've been here in Portland, I've gone out on a few hikes with my buddy Westie. Here are some photos of those outings. One was to the coast to check out some tide pools and the other to a waterfall in the gorge. 

We hiked down to the beach just north of Newport and had a little beach barbie. 

Hiking below Devil's Punch Bowl. 

This didn't even seem real. Such a pretty little fall onto the beach. 

This vulture was stoked on this dead seal. 

A few days later, we hiked through Oneonta Gorge to the falls.

This was definitely one of, if not the raddest hike I've ever been on. 

One of my goals for my trip to portland was to hike to a waterfall and go swimming at the bottom. This was INSANELY cold. Like almost unbearably cold, but it was SUCH a blast and Westie got in as well. Such a good time!

I posted a few iPhone photos yesterday of some climbing adventures, but I took the real camera down with me afterwards and snapped a couple of photos when I wasn't climbing. 

Matt and Mike doing their thing. Matt up on the wall. 

Dan Bookless loves to climb.