Jehovah Jireh. Our Provider. 

It is just one day before my mission trip overseas, and just before making the last payment for my trip, I was informed by the organization I'm going with that my trip is fully paid for!!! Thank you SO much to my friends and family who have helped me make it on this trip. God is so good and I can't wait to see what He has in store this next few weeks. 

I will update this blog when possible, but things may be left pretty vague as I'm not sure what information I'm able to give out as of right now. 

Once again, thank you SO much for your prayers and financial help with this trip. I am so excited and humbled for so many reasons. 


I'm currently at my friends Josh and Rachel Jost's house doing the final prep for my trip. Doing laundry, charging batteries and waiting for a last minute package to arrive with some gear for the trip. I'm so grateful for my friends here in Salt Lake City who have made my time here so wonderful and made me feel so welcome. 

Thorondor Update

In addition to all of this goodness, I have good news about Thorondor. A couple of weeks ago, I was able to film a video for a church plant here in Salt Lake City. I did it as a ministry opportunity and just to bless them and help communicate what God is doing in their community. As a thanks, they are having my van's fuel issue diagnosed for me! I'm going to leave it with someone they know while I'm overseas and he's going to see what's up with it. (In case you didn't know, Thorondor died on the highway in the middle of Idaho and after 30 minutes of being dead, miraculously came back to life again... it did the same thing once in LA).