Time Keeps Moving

I've tried to spend some time reflecting on the past year. As this journey in Thorondor has progressed, I find it harder and harder to stop, breath and just be still. Time keeps moving and so do I. I know there is SO much God has taught me on this trip but I also feel that there  is a lot He still wants to teach me if I'd just sit still for a second. 

Since my last post, a LOT has happened. A whole lot. Multiple trips, lots of BMX, romance, bikes breaking, difficult choices being made, time spent with family and friends, and even interviewing for a full-time job!

While I do wish to go into a bit better detail about some of that, I'll begin by catching up with some photos from some amazing times with my friends on our trip to New York City!

Caleb and I passed through DC at 2am and decided to tour the whole city via BMX bike and skateboard. We had the entire city to ourselves. It was an unforgettable experience. 

We got into NYC the next day to meet up with Jeremy and his awesome friends. We parked the van in East Harlem and headed straight to Time Square. Such a great time with some great friends!

This is Caleb. While I was in Nashville, I invited him take the trip to NYC with me and he was 100% down. He is one of my favorite dudes and SUCH a treat to travel with. 

The Crew. Jeremy Klefeker. Me. Caleb Dirks... And Thorondor... obviously. 

Caught in the act of falling in love with North Carolina. 

Jeremy and Caleb enjoying the beautiful waterfalls of Pisgah National Forest. 

I once met Jeremy at a house party before I left on my trip. We talked about surfing and adventure and were immediate friends. On one of my trips back to Texas, he asked if I wanted to grab some coffee. On that coffee-bro-date, I asked if he'd ever want to join me in Thorondor for a leg of the trip. After talking details, we decided that he could fly into NYC, visit his friends, and I could pick him up there and drive him back to Texas. And that's exactly what we did!

Jeremy and Caleb were the absolute greatest travel companions!

On our way back to Nashville, we stopped here. The Minister's Treehouse. The builder says that God told him to build a treehouse and if he did, he'd never run out of wood. The minister has been building this thing for years, and has yet to run out of wood. Such an incredible place. 

There are SO many stories to share from this trip and SO many more photos, but I'd be sitting at this computer all day if I decided to try and share them all. My next post will be a little summary of the New Mexico trip I did with my fiends Charles and Madeline Cundall.