Safe-ty First.

I am SO excited about some new additions to Thorondor. Things are moving slowly, and that's okay. The interior and exterior still remain the same. The remodel has not yet begun. However, as the weather here in Texas goes through an identity crisis, a good friend, Scott Kline and I made the best of a cool, drizzly day last week. 

We went for my first trip to a "Pick-N-Pull." If you're not familiar with the term, this is basically a junk yard where you get to go "pick-n-pull" things off of vehicles and get a pretty decent deal on things you don't care to buy new.  

I was able to score these sweet chairs as well as a ladder and some lights for the ceiling of the van. These chairs swivel around and lock in place so my van can have a sweet living room! :) The plan is to install them with some friends in San Antonio. I'm going to switch out the original van seats, which are in terrible condition, with these bad boys, which are purple. You win some, you lose some, I guess. :)


New Seats for Thorondor!

After hearing the details of my trip, my grandparents decided to bless me with an incredible gift. They bought me a SAFE!!! That's right, they purchased a safe that I can keep my valuables in during my trip! I won't mention all the sweet features of this baby online in case some jerk reads this and wants to try and rob me. He won't know what boobie traps await. 

Pop and Cissy, thank you SO much for your constant support and encouragement in my life. Thank you for investing in the trip and keeping me and my stuff safe! 

Cissy is addicted to Costco. But she bought me this killer safe there!

Also, my buddy GG (Greg Garcia) is the most incredible dude ever. Unbeknownst to me, he went around to a bunch of my friends and coworkers, and he collected money to help me replace some of the things that have been stolen and lost lately. GG, I cannot thank you enough for doing this. If anyone who helped contribute to that is reading this, I am SO grateful! Thank you SO DANG MUCH!!!

GG. Greg Garcia. Best. Dude. Ever.