I woke up suddenly this morning on the floor of an unfamiliar room. It was my own, but the only things that remained the same were the four walls. All of my belongings packed into boxes and furniture gone. My Bob Dylan posters rolled away and paintings placed in a storage shed.

I awoke abruptly because a family was coming early to come pick up the sofa that had been in my room. They came. We loaded the sofa into a truck, and that checked the last item off the "Before Leaving To-Do List."

My sister Karissa and cousin Zsanae, who have been my roomies for the past 2 and a half years, took me out to our favorite brunch spot, and then it was back to the house to load up the van. I did not anticipate the flood of emotions that followed. As I loaded the van, one box after another, I knew each time I passed through the front door that it was one time closer to the last time I'd pass through that door and be on my way.

Our home was coined "Neverland" and over the past year or so in that house, we had shared some of the best times. Dinner parties, slack lining, jam sessions, community, coffee drinking, late night crime show watching, rainy day porch sessions, photoshoots and more. As all of these memories flooded my mind, my heart was finally hit with the reality of saying goodbye. Zsanae, Kissy and I had been to Europe together, lived in community, and even shared our feelings a time or two. We had learned, and were in the process of learning how to honor each other and serve each other. I learned more about how to be the kind of husband I want to be someday that I think I ever could have any other way. Girls, you challenged me to be a better man in every way. I will NEVER forget some of the lessons I learned from y'all and times we had together. I love you both SO much. hashtagmissyoualready

The Trip Begins

After filling Thorondor up with gas, I begin to drive away and am stopped by a man tapping on my window, informing me that I have a steady stream of fuel leaking out of my van. I'm praying hard that he's just joking or mistaken, but sure enough, as I get out and look under the van, there is a steady stream of gasoline leaking out of what seams to be a seam in the gas tank. After realizing I'm losing fuel fast, I do the only logical thing. I get back in the van and try to drive to Austin faster than the gas can leak out. Miraculously enough, it works! I roll into Austin 4 hours later (after driving through the worst storm of my life) on fumes! 

Walter Pieringer, a friend from Austin, is the man. He looked up a sealant at an auto parts store and as soon as I roll into town, we ride motorcycles to grab some Torchy's Tacos and the sealant for the gas tank. To my surprise, after filling up the gas tank again to the halfway point, there is no leak! I haven't even used the sealer yet, but I'm guessing the leak is just on the upper half of the tank. I guess we shall see! 

Mateo came over and I got to show him my Thorondor. After that, I made my way to San Antonio where I met up with the Farnsworths!!! Todd is one of my best friends of all time and so the Farnsworth house was a must-stop on the trip. So psyched I made it to them on day one! They also bless me with an incredible gift!!! They got me a stereo to replace the one that was stolen out of the van!!!!! I cannot believe how much God has been using my friends to bless me lately. I am completely overwhelmed. Thank you SO much Todd and Whit!!! This will significantly enrich my time driving. One day of reading every sign out loud in different accents was already kind of making me crazy. 


Whitney's hand writing and gift wrapping are on point.