Texas Toast Jam

As some of you may know, I planned the departure of this US Tour strategically so that I wouldn't miss a certain spectacular BMX event in Austin, Texas. This event is Odyssey's Texas Toast Jam. It's a contest and weekend of all around fun for all who love BMX. All of the biggest names in the industry are there and because it's an event created by riders for riders, it's the best BMX contest in the world.  

But before I talk about Austin, I need to give an update on Thorondor! My Van is shaping up!!! When I got to Rockport, I got to do one of sweetest father/son projects ever. I got to carpet my van with my dad, who also converted a van when he was in high school. We worked from the time he got off of work until about 11:30PM one night and knocked it all out! Thorondor now was a beautiful dark blue indoor/outdoor carpet flooring (that I got for FREE). This was really the first step of the process that made Thorondor begin to feel like a home. I'm already tempted to just spend hours in there and sleep in there, even though I have a place to stay! Thanks Dad for your hard work and helping me get that done!  

The first step was to ply the floor. 

We made a template with butcher paper and then traced and cut it from the carpet. 

We then used two different types of adhesive to lay down the carpet. 

After spending some time with my parents and finishing up carpeting Thorondor, I quickly made my way to Austin for Texas Toast. 


While in Austin, I had the incredible privilege of doing some filming and editing for RIDE BMX Magazine. This is a publication I've read since I was 12 years old and I was able to work along side guys I've looked up to since that time. I cannot express how grateful I am to all who made that happen, and most importantly, to God for allowing and orchestrating such an awesome opportunity in my life. I hope and pray that this leads to more work with them. 

I went on the road with little to no plans for freelance work along the way, and God has already been providing in the WAY cooler ways that I could have ever imagined or asked for. SO stoked.  

In addition to shooting all of this, I also got to see some amazing friends and meet even more. It was like a huge BMX Family Reunion. So much fun.