To the Coast

Yesterday was the most productive day so far. Johnny Hauck, a friend I met in Ruidoso, New Mexico this past year, helped me in a HUGE way with welding on the van. He built me a gnarly roof rack, patched the rust holes in the cargo bed and welded in my new captain's swivel chairs.  

In addition to all this work, I also had the privilege of going and seeing some of my good friends, Lauren and Ben Setterbo. I realized this week that Lauren is literally one of my oldest friends. Her and my sister have been besties since I was around 6 or 7 years old. That's almost 20 years. Whoa. I was so excited to see them, and so excited to meet their beautiful daughter, Audrey. 

I was so excited to finally meet baby Audrey. I. Love. The Setterbos. 

My buddy JohnMark also helped me finish painting the interior of the van. It was such an honor to get to hang out with these guys, go to salvage yards, hardware stores and just get to have some sweet time of fellowship. I also met some awesome new friends in the process. San Antonio was just excellent.  

This morning I loaded the van back up and headed down to Rockport to visit my parents for a few days before heading back up to Austin for Texas Toast. My dad and I are going to begin finishing up the interior tomorrow. Thorondor is really coming along and I cannot wait to get him finished up! 

The Salvage Yard is Johnny's favorite place in the world. 

JohnMark helped me finish paint deep into the night. What a dude!  (Can't wait until you join me for a leg of the trip! :) )

Johnny is the best.