Working Hard

"Cocaine!" I shout through the van, across the driveway, into the garage, at the radio broadcasting Wait Wait Don't Tell Me on NPR. The trivia question was regarding a certain energy drink that was released but then never caught on due to it's terrible name. I knew the answer immediately, as some of my close BMX friends had partaken in said energy drink. 

"This is my favorite thing to do on a Saturday," my dad says "Working on a project in the garage listening to NPR or Jazz."  

My father and I finishing up day 3. 

My father and I have spent the last few days using every free moment working on Thorondor. We have made a ton of progress. We have covered, carpeted, built cabinets, a sink, shelves and a center console that has yet to be installed. It has been an absolute blast. Working on projects with my dad is one of my favorite things in the world. The fact that he had a couple of vans that he converted in high school just adds to the awesome level. 

My parents have spent the last week and a half spoiling the crap out of me. I am sleeping in the most comfortable bed I've ever slept in (and I don't even care for beds), waking up to fresh brewed coffee every morning, and on top of this, they have provided for all the mods on my van! My dad is the king of repurposing. About 80% of the wood we've used is wood that my dad has just been saving for a rainy day. I'm SO grateful that he's chosen my van to be the recipient. The other materials we had to buy were purchased by my parents. This is HUGE. So much has already been provided for me on this trip that I hardly know how to react. 

A stereo from the Farnsworths, clothing and camping gear from Will Wright, welding and mods from Johnny Hauck, a donation from the Tyson's, and now wood and materials from my mom and dad. I am overwhelmed by the generosity I've already been shown. God is using some incredible people to provide for me right now.