Busy busy busy.

Today was jam packed with awesome things. As you may have read on The Journey page of the website, part of the plan for this adventure is doing free video work for churches, as well as teaching people at said churches how to shoot their own videos after I'm gone! This is something I'm super excited about and even more excited after today.

This morning I met up at Coastal Oaks Church with a few of its members along with my father, Kevin Muilenburg, the pastor. (Thanks Daddio for letting Coastal Oaks be my first opportunity like this!) Over the next 3 hours, I basically just got to hang out and get it know them as we shot a few videos for their website. As we shot, I was teaching every step of the way. I got to communicate the process from start to finish. After the shoots, we went through the post production process of editing on the computer.

Crystal, a member of the church that already serves in a few different capacities at Coastal Oaks, was my main pupil, and picked up incredibly quickly. Evvvverything was new to her and she caught on way too fast. Crystal and Andy, thanks so much for what you already do and wanting to learn more to serve even more. Y'all are the bomb.

It was such an absolute blast and I'm so thankful that God is allowing me to do this type of ministry. I cannot wait to line up more churches around the country.

In addition to this awesome morning, a family in town decided to purchase new tires for my van. Also, another couple that was at the little video workshop made a generous donation to help out with my trip. Thank y'all SO SO SO much. I hope we run into each other again soon!

My dad and I are ALMOST finished with the van but hit a few electrical snags that kept us from finishing tonight. Hopefully we will finish it up tomorrow before I head back to Dallas for a few days.