Austin Once Again

As I rolled into the Dallas area a little over a week ago, I was able to show a lot of my friends and family the new and improved Thorondor. One of the first things that my old roomies said was that they'd like to take a little weekend road trip somewhere fun to test the waters in the new van. After a brief discussion, we decided on a date and one of our favorite places to visit, Austin, Texas.  

My one worry was that the girls wouldn't be able to handle camping out in the van, especially with potentially cold weather. However, they did incredible well and we had an absolute blast in Austin. They finally got to meet some friends like Walter, who I've spoken about plenty, but they had yet to meet. Walter also got to check out Thorondor, which was awesome, as he was a huge source of inspiration and wisdom as he had lived on the road for 2 years in a vehicle he converted himself. 

The girls putting on makeup this morning as I take us to meet up for brunch with my buddy Addrian. 

We spent two days seeing friends, eating food, driving, eating more food and enjoying each other's company. It was definitely an awesome feeling to have my house with me at all times. It was a great test run for the following months.