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I made quite possibly the most game-changing purchase yesterday from a Fry's Electronics store. After countless hours of research and weighing through MANY battery and power options for Thorondor, (and quite honestly ending up on an item found by my sister!) I landed on the WAGAN Power Dome 400

What I wanted. 

I was in search of a battery powered solution that would allow me to use small appliances periodically in the van such as a coffee maker or a sink, as well as charge my batteries, laptop and phone. I wanted a solution that would not have a continued cost. I didn't want a generator that I would have to purchase gas, or a propane solution that, while cheaper, would still require additional purchases on the regular. I wanted a BATTERY and I was sure of that. 

I knew that my use would be limited. I would only need it to charge up devices and use for appliances periodically, so it would only need a charge that would last me a few hours, and then I could recharge the battery in a house or even on the go.  

What I got. 

The WAGAN Power Dome 400 is EXACTLY what I wanted. It even came with a few additional features such as an emergency LED Light, an air compressor and even jumper cables!!! After making this purchase, I could easily see myself having one of these in every vehicle I own for the rest of my life. 

What it cost. 

I found this item with varied pricing (usually around $140) on the interwebz, but when visiting a Fry's Electronics in the Dallas area, I was pleasantly surprised to find it on sale for $89!!! I could not believe it. This bad boy is well worth it and I'll continue to update with it's performance. 

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