Not Ideal

Today was not the best of days. It began last night on the way back from Scottsville, Texas where I had been photographing a wedding. The weekend was fantastic. I met so many incredible people and wish I had weeks longer to spend with them.

However, on the trip back to Dallas with Westie and new friend Joel, we literally ran out of gas as we rolled into the gas station. This was quite the experience. All of us shouting and pushing the last 50 yards down hill as we coast into the gas station. Westie, not yet knowing that the sliding door is broken, in the heat of the moment, rips it off the side of the van. After reattaching the door and filling up Thorondor with gas, we were on our way... Until 40 minutes later when the tank was mysteriously empty again. Yes, it took about 40 miles to get us from 3/4 of a tank to E. This concerned me, especially since I had planned to begin driving to Salt Lake City today. I have a fuel leak, possibly more than one, and I'm not sure how to fix it.

Today I had my friend Charlie Tutor help me replace my brake pads, and in the process decided to check my oil, and turns out I was SUPER low. Super bummer. I just changed the oil about 2 weeks before in Rockport, so either I also have an oil leak too, or I'm burning oil. Either way, not stoked.

Also, I forgot to pay a speeding ticket in Colleyville, Texas and was informed that I now have a warrant out for my arrest. Sweet.