Finally West-Bound

It was a difficult decision. To leave before or after getting my oil and fuel issues taken care of. My father, my source of wisdom and council, recommended that I remain in Dallas until I get those figured out and fixed. I, however, so very anxious to get on the road, made the decision to fill up with gas, top off the oil and head west, while monitoring both issues closely.

I rolled into Lubbock with no issues and praising God for a successful first leg of the trip. The gas leak was not making a dent and the oil was still topped off!!! Thanks everyone who has been praying for me and Thorondor.

I wanted to stop in Lubbock for at least one night so that I could spend some time with my good friends here. Logan, who had been on the Hidden team for years is a very close friend and we had a blast hanging out and riding last night.

Logan's new house in Lubbock, Texas. 

That was much needed. I wish I could have stayed in town for a week, but I have some commitments with a church out in Salt Lake City for this Thursday and Friday. I can't wait to share about that. God is providing some super sweet opportunities for me to build some sweet friendships with churches and ministries, including this one in Salt Lake City as well as Jackson, Mississippi!

This morning I woke up in the van which I parked in front of Logan's house and headed to Starbucks to get some editing done. The plan now is to head to Salt Lake City from here where I'll meet up with my good buddy Josh Jost and his wife, and get to do some video shoots with a local church which Josh connected me with.

I'm so excited! I cannot believe the journey out west has finally begun! In about 2 hours, I will no longer live in Texas, for the first time in my life. Please pray for my journey, my van and for my number one desire to not be adventure, but to be Jesus.