Salt Lake Beauty

The past few days have been great. I've had the opportunity to work with some amazing people, shoot some things I've never shot and see non-stop Salt Lake City natural beauty. 

My connection with South Mountain Community Church is so crazy. About a year ago, I shot my friend Josh Jost's wedding. One of his friends named Ben remembered me from the wedding and randomly asked Josh for my number to pick my brain about a shoot they were doing for their Christmas program this year. Ben had NO IDEA that I just so happened to be traveling the country, much less that I would BE IN SALT LAKE CITY the exact time they were hoping to shoot the little short film. 

I was able to tell Ben that not only would I be in town, but I'd be able to help his church shoot this little short, for FREE! Ben and the South Mountain crew were just as shocked as I was at this sweet, unexpected circumstance and so we planned the shoots and got to work! 

Dan, the Creative Director at South Mountain and their team got EVERYTHING setup and planned. All I had to do was show up and shoot! It was so much fun. The plan was to shoot a little short film that would play sporadically throughout their Christmas program amongst live music and live drama. I wish I could be in town to see the final product, but I can't wait to hear how the program turns out. 

This was such an awesome opportunity, from meeting some sweet new people, working on a new type of project and even getting to see a bit more of Downtown Salt Lake City. 

Shooting at The Rose Establisment Coffee Shop in Downtown Salt Lake City. 

My first time putting my 5D on a car mount. Scary. 

Oh, The Beautiful Land

Salt. Lake. Is. Beautiful. 

Every dang time I drive Thorondor around the city, I'm just in awe of my surroundings. The entire city is in a valley and is surrounded by beautiful mountains. Today, I got to visit Josh and Rachel's church, Risen Life, and afterwards we went out to Pie Pizza and then drove up into the mountains to take a little mile hike in the snow around the Silver Lake area. I'm so thankful for amazing friends here who love sharing the wonderful things about the place they live with me. 

On the way to Silver Lake. 

Walking around Silver Lake. 

Josh and I also build a grind box today that turned out super awesome. Stay tuned for some sweet shreddin' on it in the next few days!