Why Salt Lake City?

Why did I decide to come to Salt Lake City? Quite a few reasons, as a matter of fact. Two reasons are people. Josh and Rachel Jost. I've known Josh Jost for a some years now as a result of a few mutual Kansas friendships. He loves Jesus and is a shredder, hence his being on the Hidden Clothing team. He is a solid believer and such an encouragement to be around. He married his lovely wife Rachel about a year ago and I shot their wedding. I'm really excited to film and photograph (and shred) with him over the next couple of weeks for some Hidden updates. 

Josh Jost. 

Josh is a youth minister at his church and also heads up a SkateChurch ministry in the area. I'll be shooting a video to help spread the word about SkateChurch over the course of my visit here. I'm so excited about that, as that type of ministry is one of my greatest passions and because I had the opportunity to serve in a similar ministry for the past 4 years or so. 

I also get the opportunity, while I'm in town, to shoot a project with a church in the area for their Christmas program. They've actually been working hard at writing a script, gathering talent and getting this project ready. God really orchestrated me to be here at the right time. They actually asked Josh for my number recently after remembering I shot his wedding, having no idea I was even doing videography as a ministry or even going to be in town!!! I met with them this evening to get all the details squared away and we shoot over the next two days.