Copper Mountain

7:30 - Finished packing up my camera gear and bike.

8:30 - Josh gave me a ride to the airport. 

NOON - Arrived in Denver, Colorado. 

13:30 - Caught the shuttle bus and headed toward Copper Mountain Resort. 

15:30 - Arrived at Woodward/Copper Mountain Resort. Got checked into my room, built bike up, got camera gear ready to go. 

17:30 - Grabbed a coffee and took a walk around the beautiful resort at night. (I cannot wait to see it during the day tomorrow)

18:30 - Met up with Gary Young, Zack Warden and Morgan Wade. 

20:00 - Headed to the Red Bull VIP dinner at the Woodward Barn and got some filming done. Preceded to ride and film until midnight. 

00:00 - Imported footage and took a hot bath. (something about hotels always makes me want to take a super relaxing bath)

At work. Filming one of my heroes. 

This was seriously such an amazing day. There are certain times in our lives where we don't want a moment to end. Today there were so many of those. Specifically while I was walking around the resort at night, before I had met up with the other guys. I was just taking in all the lights, the families, the smell and taste of the coffee in my hand, and I just didn't want the moment to end. It also made me miss SO many of my friends. I would have loved to have my father on that walk with me, or my buddy Dan Miller. It was difficult to take in such a peaceful moment with the dark shadows of the mountains in the background, and not have anyone to share it with. I'm already trying to figure up an excuse to come back here. 

Tomorrow and the next day I will continue filming and taking photos in the Woodward Barn, and hopefully have a chance to do a bit more exploring around Copper Mountain. The mountain lodge/ski culture has always fascinated me, just as surf culture has. I hope to someday be able to stand up on both a snowboard and a surfboard haha. 

God, remind me of days like today, where I feel showered with blessings and provision, on the days when I feel abandoned and without hope.