Holy Colorado!

I spent the last two days in Copper Mountain Colorado filming at Woodward Copper for a "Remix" even they had to promote their new park remodel. I had an absolute blast hanging out with Morgan Wade, Gary Young, Zack Warden, Adam Baker and meeting countless other new friends. 

It was SUCH an honor for me to get to cover an event for RIDE like this, and at the moment, the video I filmed and edited is on the front page of their site, so be sure and check that out! In addition to meeting a bunch of new rad people, hanging out with some of my heroes and riding an amazing park, I got to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL Colorado landscape and resort area. I put in a lot of hours filming and editing during the weekend, but I really had such a great time and enjoyed Colorado enough to already be trying to figure up an excuse to make it out there again!

I cannot wait to go back and visit the mountains in Colorado. 

Filiming Gary Young do a killer Lookback. 

Tonight I actually got to hang with the Josts along with one of the pastors of their church and his wife. We had a wonderful evening discussing family, community, BMX and movies. Josh and I then preceded to make a ton of stickers for SkateChurchSLC and Hidden. 

Depending on a snow storm that is headed this way, tomorrow may be my last day in SLC. This is super bittersweet, as I'm leaving a place I've grown to love, but I'm heading to see the dang ol' Magnusons!!!