PCH, or CSR1, or Something...

While planning my trip from Reno to Los Angeles, there were a few factors that helped me determine the specifics of my route and timing. 

  • I knew that I wanted to be able to take my time. No rush. 
  • My buddy George and a few other friends recommended taking "California State Route 1" or "PCH" a road that follows the beautiful California coast.
  • I wanted to visit a few state and national parks like Big Sur

After getting some advice from friends who have lived in California, I got my route pretty dialed and this morning began that journey. I left my good friends Westie, Amanda and their two kiddos around 9am and headed over through the Donner Pass area, through Sacramento and into San Francisco. San Fran is one of my favorite cities. I've visited there more than any other city outside of Texas and it's beauty and attractions like the Golden Gate Bridge keep me ever excited to visit again. 

After saying hello to the north and south side scenic lookouts of the bridge, I made my way to the PCH and headed south toward Santa Cruz. The views were absolutely spectacular. It was one of those drives where I wanted to pull over at every corner and every lookout to snap a picture, but I decided to just take it in. I figured I'll have plenty of opportunities to take photos and video of the coast. Today was just for taking it all in (Though I did pull over a few times for coffee, photos and driving breaks). 

I pulled into Santa Cruz right at sunset, just as planned, where I'll be sleeping tonight. I'll head the rest of the way to LA tomorrow, I believe, and hopefully check out Big Sur for the first time. 

Seeing the sights I saw today was a big moment for me. I've been planning and dreaming for months and months on making it to the Pacific Coast, where I hope to learn to surf, serve with different churches and believers, live out of Thorondor and just experience California. Actually seeing the Golden Gate Bridge and watching the sunset along the PCH just felt like a gift from God. I can't wait to see what churches, friendships and good times lie ahead here in California. 

Golden Gate Bridge. 

Golden Gate Bridge. 


First stop in California. A place called Here Comes The Sun Coffee. Beach Boys playin'. 

Thorondor in what I've dreamed to be his natural habitat.