Train to Truckee

The storm was comin'. Although the Reno-ites have constantly told me, "The weather is never like this! It's never this cold!", I find it hard to believe them. The weather has just gone from cold to colder since I've been in town, from the teens to 3 below zero last night. Fortunately the Magnuson's have been putting me up in their home, so I'm not freezing to death at night. 

The Magnusons saw that a ton more snow was coming a few nights ago and planned a train ride to Truckee, California the next day to take in the snowy mountain beauty. Though there were MANY train delays, we all had a blast. My friend Westie's parents, Dean and Johnna, Amanda, Jones and myself all took the train, walked around Truckee grabbing coffee and eating pie. Quite a nice day. Here is a gallery with some photos from the day. 

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