A few days ago I made the 8 hour drive from Salt Lake City, Utah and into Reno, Nevada, where my friends Westie and Amanda Magnuson live with their son Jones. My plan is to stay here until the end of December. 

The drive was quite nice in daylight, but after it got dark, I vowed not to do another leg of the trip at night. I just feel like there is so much I'm missing out on at night! I can see shadows of mountains in the distance but no detail. So no more night time driving for me! 

Flag Flying over the Great Salt Lake. 

Pulled over to wrap myself in a blanket and couldn't resist a Thorondor selfie. 

Salt Flats. 

Westie and Amanda are having a baby next week, so Westie and I dove into adventure as quickly as possible once I pulled into town. Friday morning we woke up in the darkness of 5AM and made our way out to Mount Rose near Lake Tahoe to do some hiking and back-country snowboarding! I have VERY little snowboarding experience and so it was a blast going into something as a total noob, falling all over the place and just havin' a good ol' time with my best bud!

5AM fillin' up the rig. 

iPhone 5 photo after the hike up. 

Westie enjoying the coffee we made from melted snow. 

ZERO EDITING! This is how Mount Rose looked at sunrise. So crazy. 

One frame from the unsuccessful time-lapse attempt at sunrise. 

Me cruisin' past Westie just before nailing a tree. Probably my best run. :)

It's been an excellent start to my stay here in Reno so I'm so stoked for the next month!