Across the Globe

So I haven't said anything about it up until this point because it wasn't set in stone yet, but in two days, I'll be leaving Thorondor here in Los Angeles as I head for India. I was asked by my old church, First Euless, if I could join them there for a ten day mission trip. 

I am SO beyond excited about this opportunity. I'm excited to serve on my first foreign mission trip. I'm excited to see my old friends that I grew close to during my time at First Euless, and I'm excited to film in a culture I've never been to before. 

I've felt for years now, and been convicted to spend time in an area much less fortunate than the U. S. of A. I feel like God has been waiting to show me some things there that He has been anxious for me to see and learn. I know that my perspective will be changed on those in need as well as plenty of other areas of life. 

God is so good and totally provided for this opportunity. Please pray for me as I go, for my heart to be that of an absolute servant and for the health of all going on the trip. 

It's going to be hard to leave Los Angeles for a while and especially hard leaving my new home, Thorondor.