Bringing in the New Year

I had the privilege of going to Dallas for Christmas to visit my family and I had an absolute blast. My sister Karissa and cousin Zsanae, both of whom I lived with for the past three years, flew back with me to spend a week in Los Angeles to celebrate New Years with me. 

We had SO much fun. We got to visit our friends Chris and Abby, spend lots of time with my buds George and Miles and even headed to Santa Barbara to visit Zsanae's family Michael and Jillian. I don't think I've ever had a more active vacation week. We went hiking in Griffith park, did a 25 mile bike ride along the beach, went to all the local eateries surrounding George's apartment and did plenty of adventuring around in Thorondor. 

It was so sweet to have my family here to experience LA with me for my first week here. Zsanae and Karissa flew back yesterday and I'm already missing them! Here are some photos from the past week of experiencing LA.