Texas, My Texas

Since my last update, I've driven from Florida up to Chattanooga, where I visited some wonderful friends and saw some beautiful scenery. I drove from there to Nashville where I visited more wonderful friends, drank excellent coffee, rode some skateparks and trails and met some great new people. I flew from Nashville to Amarillo for a quick video shoot, flew back to Nashville and then to Asheville, North Carolina where I had the privilege of doing some work for Ride Magazine for the Red Bull Dreamline event. Being in North Carolina to watch the leaves turn was absolutely incredible. 

Here is one of the videos I made to give a refreshing look into the first day of practice. 

I flew straight from Dreamline to Texas, where I had planned to go to Texas Toast and then on to a Hoffman Bikes trip. Texas Toast was a blast, but the Hoffman trip ended up falling through due to one of the riders getting injured during Toast weekend down in Austin. 

Although the trip was cancelled, I did have the unbelievable privilege of going up to Oklahoma with Morgan to meet one of my heroes and one of the father's of BMX, Mat Hoffman. We also went sky diving!!! It was an unforgettable experience. 

So other than that, I've just been hanging out in the DFW area, seeing friends and doing a bit of freelance here and there. I am filming a wedding on November 9th and then flying back to Nashville on the 10th. My plans after that are kind of up in the air! I'll post more about a possible mission trip coming up soon and some other info in the next couple of days. Stay tuned if you care!

Continue to pray for direction and for me to chase after Christ.