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The Final Journey?

Thorondor has flown beautifully. With his mighty wings outstretched he has carried me from my home in Texas all over the wonderful and vast United States of Americas. Three corners of this country he has taken me. After being unsure about what to do before heading back to Texas to celebrate two of my favorite holidays with me loving family, I felt it only fitting to take Thorondor to the third corner of the USA. 

I spent the last month in Texas doing some freelance video work and enjoying time with my family and friends, but flew back to Nashville yesterday morning. I plan to stay here for another couple of days and then head to New York City! I am excited to see the sites and enjoy New York in the fall, as recommended to me by the film You've Got Mail my entire life. I will meet up with one of my new friends Jeremy Klefeker, and after enjoying New York, we will head down through Virginia Beach and back to Texas, where I will figure out what's to come of the next chapter of my life. This next season may or may not involve Thorondor. This last year on the road has been one of the best, most exciting and challenging times of my life. I am so thankful for it all and can't wait to see what God has planned for me next. 

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