Up the Coast

Mind-blowingly beautiful. This is the only way I can describe my journey from Imperial Beach, California, up through Yosemite National Park, and into Portland, Oregon. 

I had initially had a few people planning on making the drive with me, but all of them ended up falling through. I was determined, however, to make the most of the 5 days I gave myself to make it up to Portland before flying out to Texas. 

Here are some photos from my journey. 

This was just as I pulled into Yosemite at sunrise. 

This is an Immersion Heater I got from REI that I can plug into my inverter and boil water! This was quite a fabulous moment. Made some coffee and sat and enjoyed the view over Yosemite Valley just after sunrise. 

Yosemite Valley

Thorondor in Yosemite. 

This is WAY bigger than it looks. Breathtaking. 

California Coastline.

This was the first black sand beach I've ever seen. This was just after rolling into Oregon.

Oregon Coastline. 

This spot is just outside a little town my friend Micah recommended I stop and check out. This was a beautiful little secret spot. I will definitely go back there someday. 

Northern California has some dang big trees. 

Drive-Thru Tree. Thorondor didn't quite fit. 

Paul Bunyan and Babe and me. 

The last time I pulled over along the coast before heading inland to meet Westie and the Magnusons in Portland. 

The day after arriving in Portland I flew back to Texas, where I'll be for about a week. I'll fly back to Portland after that where I plan on LOTS of adventures with the Magnusons and Booklesses. Psyched.