Leaving San Diego

It's been an incredible few weeks here in the San Diego area hanging with my buddy Micah, surfing and just havin' a good ol' time! 

This is my first attempt at filming surfing and it was a freakin' blast. This was filmed from a few of the sessions we went out. All the footage is of Micah.

My plan now is to leave tomorrow, stop in LA for the night, head up to Yosemite and then on up the coast to Portland Oregon. I'm going to post soon on the updates to the van so y'all can see my solar panel setup and cooking setups. 

.... Oh, and this is a video I shot while I was back in Texas but just now got around to finishing up. 

This is the premiere video in a new series I've been wanting to do for a while. The concept is simple, take a rider to the spots they rode when they first got into BMX. Most will be "nothing" spots and a bit of the stories behind them. Mat currently lives in Austin, but he grew up in Fort Worth, which is what this video highlights.