Imperial Beach Life

After arriving back in Los Angeles from my last trip to Texas, I made my way down to the San Diego area to visit my friend Micah and learn how to surf. We have had an absolute blast. I've been parking my van at his apartment complex which is about a quarter mile from the beach. 

I arrived in Imperial Beach, just south of San Diego the week of Micah's Spring Break. We did nothing but surf, hike, drink coffee and relax. It was so great. I don't have any footage of myself surfing yet, but I've been learning a ton and filming Micah every other time we go out. I caught a couple of waves my first day and the last time we went out I caught my longest, best wave yet. That was really encouraging since the two sessions before that I felt like I was just in everyone's way. All in all though, surfing has been an incredibly fun experience. HUGE thanks to Micah for being such an amazing teacher, host and friend. 

Here are some stills of a video I'm putting together of a couple of our sessions. 

Yesterday I drove up to the Huntington Beach area to hang out with my buddy Walter and some Odyssey dudes doing some shredding. My ankle is still jacked so I didn't do any riding, but it was good to pedal around and see the dudes. My van ended up giving me a bit of trouble and I ended up finding a hose leaking coolant. I patched it up as a temporary fix but now I need to replace that section of hose so I can make the drive up to Portland next week!