One Month in India

I'm finally back in the U.S. and looking back on my travel journal and photos from the last month. This was the longest I've ever been out of the country and I only new one person on the trip before heading out. 

The original plan was to be in Northern India for 10 days. When I arrived, the leader of the organization I was with asked if I'd like to stay for the rest of the month long trip. I was thrilled with the offer, had my flight back changed and it was set. 

We visited orphanages, bridging schools, shelters for the aged, leper colonies and more. We met some incredible people, shared the gospel with hundreds of kids and I even got to preach for the first time in front of a congregation, in India, with a translator. 

I've decided that there are too many stories to tell from a month in India, so I will post a lot of photos here with brief summaries, and then begin posting a few individual photos with in depth stories in the coming days. 

Click images to enlarge.


The provision of this motorcycle in this young pastor's life is going to completely change the reach of his ministry in a huge way. So honored to have been there when he received it. 

Trevor and Ed encouraging a young pastor who has faced SO much opposition and has remained steadfast in his faith.

Playing the "No-Look Drawing Game." Look at the person you're drawing, but you can't look at the paper. 

Mirik, India.

Mirik. A lake town in the lower Himalayas. 

Taj Mahal with all the girls. 

13th Century Islamic architecture. And birds from this century. 

A young doctor helping patients on the medical boat we took to remote villages. 

The Far Corners Medical Boat which departs from the hospital and heads to remote villages weekly. 

Corrie helping the Krupa women with some arts and crafts. 

Krupa women helping prepare the meal for Veda School and the kiddos from the slums. 

A wonderful pastor of an incredible leper colony. 

The last of the team on our last day in India. 

I will be posting more in-depth stories from some of these photos and people in the near future. 

Overall, God did some serious work, broke down some huge barriers, used me in ways I still cannot believe and I can't freaking wait to see what He has next for me.