SLC to Cheyenne to Colorado

On the move. I'm always on the move. However, this time it's different. I'm on my way back to the Lone Star State. Texas has been my home for my entire life, with the exception of this past 10 months. The only place I have left on my list of places to visit is Tennessee, and that is kind of scary since I have no idea what I'm doing after that!

I flew back from India to Salt Lake City, where I spent some much needed time with some great friends, including Daniel Miller. We had some MUCH needed fellowship and great conversation. I'm so thankful for him and for finally getting to spend some real time together. 

I left SLC after a few days and headed to Cheyenne, Wyoming to meet up with an old family friend, Zachary Edwards. He and his family moved to Cheyenne a few years ago to plant a church. I had the pleasure of staying at their lovely home, attempting to recover from jet lag, and shoot a video to help communicate the mission of their church on their website. It was such a blessing to meet all the folks in Cheyenne and see what God has been up to there. 

Cheyenne, Wyoming

The Edwards Family. Long time friends of the Muilenburgs. 

While in Cheyenne, God even provided some freelance work for me!!! This was HUGE!!! I have had an insane dry spell of freelance video work. I had consistent work coming in for almost my entire trip, and then the past few months, nothing. So to see God provide something out of nowhere once I arrived in Cheyenne was SO incredible. 

Freezeframe from the freelance gig I shot in Cheyenne. 

After a few days in Cheyenne, I headed down through Colorado, where I stopped briefly in Fort Collins and Denver to see some sights and visit some friends, and then landing in Colorado Springs to spend a week or so with my friends Tim and Charity Jones. What a treat that has been!!! I only have a couple of days left here and it pains me to leave here. Such great community, scenery, coffee, friends and adventure here. Here are some photos of a camping trip Tim concocted. 

Tim had the idea to make stand up paddle boards and try them out on the reservoir near Gunnison, CO. 

Loading up Tim's Bronco for the 4 hour drive through beautiful Colorado. 

Luke Paris. Dutch Bros enthusiast and adventurer. 

After 15 minutes on the water, one of the paddle boards broke in half. It was hilarious. 

After paddle boarding and tubing the reservoir, we met up with another friend and hiked down for some camping. 

Susan, Tim and Luke. 

Luke ending the evening with some fishin'!

It has been SUCH a huge treat hanging with some amazing people here in Colorado Springs and I cannot wait to come back. My plan now is to head to Texas here in a few days and spend the month of August all over the Lone Star State!