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The Sunshine State

On September 6, I left the Texas area where I'd been for the last month hanging with friend and family and doing some freelance work. It was an excellent month, but also kind of strange because I knew I was about to begin the last leg of my journey. I still don't know all this last leg will entail, but so far it's been absolutely incredible. 

I was able to drive my buddy Morgan to his home in Tyler on my way through east Texas and it was great visiting with him and even visit his church and meet his local community. It was so encouraging to see Morgan, a rider I've looked up to since I was 15, continuing to pursue the Lord and live for Him. It was yet another reminder of the importance of Biblical community, accountability and encouragement. 

After Tyler I headed to Shreveport, Louisiana to meet some friends for lunch. Sweet little reunions like that are one of the many reasons I love traveling around the US. I set out from Louisiana and did some urban camping midway through Mississippi. The next morning I finished the trek to Seaside, Florida. I had NO idea what to expect of Seaside. My friend Jason had said it was a tourist town and that The Truman Show (one of our favorite movies) was filmed here. 

I CANNOT GET OVER HOW AWESOME IT IS HERE!!! Seaside itself only has 19 full time residents! The rest are part-time residents, tourists or live in nearby towns. I could talk forever about how unique this town is. The entire town was mapped out in the 1980s and caters to foot traffic and bicycles over cars! All the streets are super narrow. There are beautiful alleys and footpaths everywhere. I love it so much. 

Orlando is next!

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