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Making Decisions

Where Am I and What's Next?

I'm in a very interesting situation. I've spent the last 11 months in a constant state of movement. From city to city, state to state and back and forth from India. I'm now to the point where I need to make quite a few decisions. I have a hefty chunk of medical debt that I need to get knocked out, and I feel the Lord leading me to do that ASAP. This will require me to be in a place where I can have as much consistent work as possible.

I also have a growing desire to find a place to settle down for a bit, for reasons of both comfort and community. I've missed the feeling of waking up in my own (stationary) space, having running water and internet (among other things I need to get work done). I've also deeply missed consistent, spiritual community and serving in ongoing ministry and discipleship. I need these things and I can't wait to be in a place where they are part of my life again. 

My biggest decision is regarding where this will be. I'm quite fond of most of the places I've visited in my travels, chiefly Los Angeles and Portland. However, the more that I pray about this decision, the more heavily I feel God telling me to go where I can find the most work so I can pay off my medical debt from my ACL surgery. As of right now, this leads me to Texas. Starting in December, I'll potentially have a lot of freelance coming my way again in the Lone Star State. In the mean time, I'm applying for video jobs all over the place, Dallas, Austin, Los Angeles, Portland, Canada, Washington... all over. Wherever I can line up some decent work, I'll be heading there. 

The Immediate Future

Tentative plan for the next couple of months before heading back to Texas for the Holidays. 

I'm currently in San Antonio doing a quick freelance job for Stereo Bikes and visiting my wonderful friends here. My plans for the next few months are much less final, and very similar to the past 10 months before I arrived in Texas for my month here with friends, family and freelance. This Saturday, September 6th, I head out with Thorondor to Florida. I'll be visiting my friend Jason Parr in Destin, then Orlando to visit my friend Jordan Busecrus to shoot a short film and then heading up to Tennessee to see lots of friends and do some freelance work. 

Please continue to pray for me as I make these decisions about jobs, places, churches and more. God has been such an incredible provider throughout this journey, and I trust that He will continue to blow me away with provision and direction. 

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