San Antonio!

The first overnight stop of my trip has been one of the most incredible experiences. Yesterday it rained ALL DAY LONG and we enjoyed every second of it. My good friends Todd and Whitney had the day off so we spent the day hanging out in my van in their driveway, drinking coffee and even installed my new stereo successfully! Todd also blessed me with some more camping gear that he is no longer in need of.  

To my (pleasant) surprise, our friends Jordan and Natalie came into town from Austin and  hung out with us for half the day as well! It was such a treat seeing them and catching up. 

On the Lookout!

Today is the day that I begin modding Thorondor. The first step is welding, then redoing the interior, then the exterior. I'm excited about that process, but I could use your help! Please be on the lookout for a roof cargo rack. If you have one that you're no longer using, I'd love to take it off your hands! If you have one you'd sell me for cheaper than the $500 they cost new, I'd love to make a deal! I'm going to need one for the roof of the van so that I can clear up some space inside.