Thorondor has been furnished!!! If you are curious to see photos of the finished product, have patience. I will do a post in the next few days with lots of photos and explanations of what we did.

My dad is SUCH a stud, working all hours of the day and night while I was in town to make sure I would leave Rockport ready to go. I can't wait to share the photos.

I left Rockport yesterday morning and headed back up to the Dallas area to meet up with Team Faith for some stunt shows. I arrived back at my old house where I had a fun little reunion with my cousin and sister and our friend Stephanie, their new roomie. Last night wasn't first night sleeping in the van. I learned that if the van is on a slanted road, you should park so that you roll into the wall and not off the bed. It was quite comforting to have my first night in the van be such a wonderful place, parked outside my old home, with friends and family just a few dozen paces away. I felt as though it was the perfect way to ease into van-life.

Today I met up with Team Faith and we made the drive up to Mcalester, Oklahoma where we did a demo for a Halloween festival for a church in the area. It was such a great time and I got to meet some really great people including a super talented motocross rider named Kevin Johnson.

I've decided to stick around in Texas until the 17th when I will be shooting a wedding around Tyler, Texas. I'm going to try and line up as much work as I can and keep my schedule reasonably flexible.

At this time I have basically no prayer requests. I am overwhelmed with the Lord's provision and the desire and hunger He has given me for Himself lately. I guess I would just ask that He continues to do as He has in the last couple of weeks and that I stop making excuses and spend some good quality time pursuing Him.