Thorondor V2.

The time has come. My father and I have completed the next stage of Thorondor. If you need to be reminded of what the van looked like before, please refresh your memory on the Meet Thorondor page. Our goal was to get the van furnished and livable. There are still plenty of small things to add on and complete, but I am SO excited about the progress we made. My new home is quite comfortable and completely mobile. 

Keep in mind, 85% of this was repurposed materials that my dad had acquired over the years, and the everything else that was needed was provided by my parents.

Feel free to leave comments with suggestions and feedback. CLICK IMAGES TO ENLARGE.  

The whole enchilada. 

Starboard Interior. Dresser stuffed with clothes, games , reading material and the like. Guitar hanger, with other items and the laundry hamper

Closeup of the dresser storage

Storage for long things and short things. Tent, tripods and such. 

Cubby storage on the Port Side. 

There are three boxes that slide out from under the bed. We built three little doors to access them. 

This is one of my favorite pieces in the van. This is a custom-designed and built unit. The wood used to build it was from a desk that my Grandaddy built for my father years ago. Such an awesome piece of history for Thorondor. 

One of the sweetest features of the van is these incredibly comfy chairs that swivel around to make the van into a nice little living room. 

Lots of storage under the sink including a drawer for toiletries. Sometime in the future, I plan to install a hand-pump sink, but for now, there's just a sink bowl with a little ice chest in it. 

The bed is build out of a repurposed door from the house I grew up in. We even used the original hinges to mount it to the Port side interior. We built it this way as a second point of access to the storage underneath. So pumped on this.