Texas, New Mexico, Colorado-ish, Utah

Spots. Wiggly Spots. First appearing in the center, hindering me from reading anything or focusing on anything specific. Slowly the spots move to my peripheral vision, now allowing me to continue reading and editing. As I sit in a small-town Starbucks of Farmington, New Mexico, I begin to question why my vision if suddenly so impaired. Everything was fine as I awoke that morning from within the belly of Thorondor, resting nicely in the back of a Walmart parking lot. Nothing changed as I drove around looking for a coffee shop and any fuel under $3.48 a gallon. But after taking a sip of my coffee, my entire body felt different. I felt so weak and then my vision began to go bananas. 

It was the day before! I had left lubbock in the morning after my cup of coffee, and eaten nothing but a few road snacks!!! I hadn't eaten a meal in over 24 hours and I was on my second cup of coffee. Apparently that's about all my body can take. I immediately drove to Farmington's second Walmart (which was closer to the Starbucks), and got some fruits and veggies in my system. I had driven about 9 hours the day before, leaving Texas and crossing most of New Mexico. 

Farwell, Texas

A funny thing actually happened as I left Texas. I've lived in Texas all my life. I love Texas dearly. I always will. As I began to draw near the border, I saw a sign that read "Farwell Methodist Church." I found that odd, not even noticing that Farwell was misspelled, but wondering why a church would name itself "Farwell." As I began to rack my brain for a reference in the Bible to the word Farwell that this congregation must have derived it's name from, I pass a few more businesses with the name Farwell in the name. It finally becomes clear. I am passing through a town named "Farwell." I suddenly get excited. What a clever town! It's a border town! And they have named their town Farwell, as to say goodbye to those passing through and into New Mexico. 

My emotions quickly change as this begins to sink in a little deeper. Though still excited about this new adventure, and even saying "Farewell" to Texas really for the first time to live outside it's borders, the reality hits. In just a few minutes, Texas will no longer be my home. Texas will always be "home" to me, but I will no longer reside there for the first time in my life, for however long the season may be. I slow down, savoring every last moment in my home state. As I near the actual border of Texas and New Mexico, something quite comical appears. A road block. The entire road, every lane, has been blocked off completely. 

Texas just couldn't say goodbye. 

It took me a few minutes to even figure out how to get out of the town. I finally found my way through some neighborhoods, but it was quite a moment. I felt as though it was just as hard for Texas to let me go as it was for me to let go of it. I'm obviously reading way too much into a roadblock, but I don't think I'll ever forget that moment. Friends, family, Texans, and even Texas, I love you, and I'll miss you dearly. 


After leaving Texas, I made it most of the way through New Mexico on that first day, passing through Albuquerque and finally stopping in a place called Farmington, as I said before. It was my first night "urban camping." I parked in the back of a Walmart parking lot and got some shuteye. After getting some food in my system I drove the rest of the day through some BEAUTIFUL places through the rest of New Mexico, a tiny corner of Colorado and Utah where I finally ended up at my friend's Josh and Rachel Jost's house in Salt Lake City.

I plan to work with Josh's Skatechurch ministry here as well as a church or two with some more video ministry opportunities. I am so excited to be here, and SO excited Thorondor made that drive of over 20 hours. Everyone give praise to God for answering so many prayers about safety and the health of Thorondor. So psyched. 

Mordor... or something, New Mexico

Thorondor enjoying the sites. 

Some huge weird thing.

Huge thanks to Josh Jost for recommending this route. Highway 128 following the Colorado River through the canyons. Beautiful.

Thorondor. Finally in Utah.