SkateChurch SLC

"I need supervision, Cameron!"
A text I did not expect to receive, lying in bed at 8am this morning. Though unexpected, it made me laugh. As I began to sit up and get some clothes on, I'm smell one of my favorite aromas, coffee being brewed. 

The text was from Josh, referring to weeding die cut decals we had agreed to wake up and make this morning. We worked on them for a few hours last night and decided to knock out a few more sheets today. I made my way upstairs, grabbed some coffee and got to work making more stickers for Hidden and SkateChurch SLC. We had a blast working on those for a few hours.

Josh was supposed to have meetings all day but they were cancelled due to the snow storm that rolled in. It ended up snowing all day long. Josh and I took the opportunity to shoot a bike check out in the freezing snow, and then began to get ready for SkateChurch. 

As the day went on, Josh began to get text after text from kids informing him that they wouldn't be able to make it out to SkateChurch because of the road conditions. After many of these text, Josh began to consider canceling SkateChurch for the night. This was a tough decision. Not only does Josh NEVER cancel anything, but I had also planned my entire trip around being in SLC for SkateChurch, which is only once a month. Fortunately, after some prayer and a good hot meal, Josh made the decision to charge on! We would still have SkateChurch! This was a very good decision because on our way to the park, 90% of the kids who couldn't come sent Josh texts informing him that they could now make it! 

The group that braved the icy roads to make it to SkateChurchSLC. 

What a great night we had. Josh introduced me and even let me speak for a bit about my past, Hidden, and the SkateChurch ministry I had in DFW. It was so bittersweet being there. Numerous times I found myself fighting back tears because of how much I miss the ministry I was a part of, the friendships I built and the life-change I got to see happen over those years. I miss those kids all the time, but being IN a SkateChurch again, just brought it all back. I am SO blessed to have been a part of that ministry and I will never forget it. Dillon, Daniel, Kordel, Joey, D'andre, Nathan, Sizia, Simmie, Abdiel, Justin, and so many more, I know y'all probably don't read this, but if you do, I miss the crap out of being a part of y'alls lives every week. Chase after Jesus. 

I got to meet all the kids at SkateChurchSLC, ride with them, interview a couple of them and film all evening for a video I'm making to help spread the word about the ministry and what God is doing there. I can't wait to finish that up and share it. I'm actually filming Josh's interview for that tomorrow morning, and then leaving SLC for Reno. I can't believe my time here is already over. I have seriously fallen in love with Salt Lake City. The Josts have been SO wonderful to me and I will miss them dearly.